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Jobs at ContractorRank

ContractorRank is a fast growing company headquartered in sunny Newport Beach, California. We currently have 10 full time employees and 6 part time employees. We are always looking to hire creative, motivated employees.

Open Positions

Since we are a small start up, we are hiring for many different positions. We aren't necessarily looking for specialists, but also generalists who can adapt to a fast changing environment and can perform a variety of different tasks. We are looking for motivated people to help out with the following tasks/jobs:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Customer Support Rep
  • Client Support Rep
  • Web Designer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Web Developer

We don't like to box employees into a specific role (unless it's a technical job), we are just looking to hire great people. If you think you can help us with the above needs, or think you can be an asset to our team in another way, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us at

Why work at ContractorRank?

We are a small, open minded team that is solving a big problem. We are growing fast, and are looking for people who take their job seriously and enjoy working with other hard working, smart people. We don't like beaurocracy, and your ideas and hard work will have an immediate impact on ContractorRank. While we are an small team filled with ambition, we also like to blow off some steam. We regularly have pizza parties, have work sponsored happy hours, monthly bowling night, and more. We have catered lunch three times a week and also have flexible hours. We don't care when you work, as long as you work hard and get everything done.